Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ideas for the New Year

Today is the last day of the year. What topics would you like to see covered over the next year?


  1. The economic views of authors and artists.

    I've been doing independent research for a while on H.P. Lovecraft's views on economics and the depression - it's amazing how much he wrote about the subject*. I'm sure others have as well.

    It's always interesting to see how non-economists think about the economy.

    *This is why I was asking about the CFP the other week... I think I'm going to try to write something up on Lovecraft's economics.

  2. If you would like to try out some of your ideas here, I'll be happy to post them here for you as a guest posting. Just email me the stuff, if you're interested.

  3. I'd like to see more on Austrian economic concepts covered in current events. Do y'all keep up with Mercatus at all?

  4. Troy - sure. I've written a lot about it on my blog. Perhaps I'll collect some links, organize my thoughts, and provide details on the main points.

  5. Julie,

    I sometimes run by the Mercatus website. I would prefer that this blog stick with literary analysis and avoid current events -- but my co-bloggers are free to write what they wish.


    That would be great. Do that, email it to me, and I'll be happy to post it for you.