Sunday, February 14, 2016

An Interview with Me on Poetry, Economics, and My Upcoming Novella

My novella, Hear the Screams of the Butterfly, is finally going to see the light of day. It is being published by Transcendent Zero Press and should be available in April of this year. In preparation for its release, the editor, Dustin Pickering, did an interview with me on TZP's blog. To date, TZP has been a poetry publisher, putting out poetry books and the poetry magazine Harbinger's Asylum. I am proud to say that this will be the very first piece of prose fiction they will publish. I hope my novella lives up to their faith in it.

Readers of Austrian Economics and Literature should find the interview of interest in no small part because in the interview I discuss artistic production as a spontaneous order, and Dustin Pickering also asks me several questions directly related to economics. I hope everyone reads the article -- and leaves comments!


  1. You failed to mention you were included in TPZ's poetry collection titled Selfhood anthology, coming out July 15th.