Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Error on Contest Information

I made an error in my email address on the poetry contest. It should have been:

Since it is likely others have tried and failed with that email address, I am extending the contest until Saturday, July 9 (just to make it the end of the week).


  1. At EconLog you said you were unemployed. I thought before you said you were a hotel manager of some sort (I might be confusing you with Mentifex). Anyway, trying to find a job in academia is probably pointless despite a phd. You need to set your sights lower, in jobs where there are vacancies. I hear North Dakota is having trouble attracting people despite the job offers. You might be too old to qualify for their guest worker program, but the Australian outback is similar, hiring anybody with a pulse despite a complete lack of experience, paying highly and providing room/board.

  2. I was a hotel front desk clerk for a while, but I am currently unemployed. I haven't been looking for an academic job for a while. I have heard about ND, but it didn't really sink in until you mentioned it. I'll see what they have there. I'll look into Australia. I appreciate your help. Thanks.