Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Economics is the sexiest and most romantic of professions

A little silliness from Modified Rapture arguing that "Economics is the sexiest and most romantic of professions." Why do I bring this up here? Well, there's a little literary analysis about a third of the way down. Marlowe making an economic point.

I would have to argue with the main argument of the post, though. Are economists really sexier and more romantic than poets? :-)


  1. Troy-

    It's all about individual preference, right?

    However, I suspect a lot depends on which poet and which economist we're talking about. In a Greenspan/John Donne throwdown, the poet wins, hands down. If we're talking Bastiat v. Wordsworth we're going to see a very different outcome!

  2. Then there's Shakespeare, who's a brilliant economist AND poet.

  3. Amen. I have an article on that waiting for one more round of edits.

  4. Excellent. I hope you have read Frederick Turner's Shakespeare's 21st Century Economics for it :-)