Saturday, February 26, 2011

An Experiment in Intellectual Property

One of the things the Mises Institute is big on is opposing intellectual property. In that spirit, I have decided to try something, which is to offer one of my plays, a satire called Hef's Bunnies for anyone who wants to produce it. The entire text is on my blog Interdisciplinary World. Producers may feel free to pay me a commission, or not, as I discuss there. Please, feel free to spread the word. Only if it gets produced will this experiment work, after all.


  1. I am not persuaded that you are doing what you think you are doing:

    But exercising your intellectual property rights by making donations is still nice.

  2. Troy, what steps are you taking to make this happen? I might throw a screenplay up for grabs.

  3. Right now I just posted it on my blog. I am certainly up for ideas on how to spread the word.