Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I am hoping that this blog will be a place where people can come together and discuss the use of Austrian economics in the study of literature.

I decided to start this blog because I have seen how some of the economics blogs I follow act as places where people can discuss their ideas and methods, and even post initial thoughts on papers, leading to discussions that lead to more and better ideas. I think that those of us who use Austrian economics in literary studies could benefit from having a place like this where ideas can be developed and discussed. I hope that that is what this will become.


  1. Good idea Troy.This is a review of the kind of book that you want to see, it shows how some literary figures such as the poet Shelley expressed the right kind of sentiments (freedom and free trade) in their work.

    And this signals some of the scholars in other fields who lend support to Austrian themes like methodological individualism and subjectivism.


  2. Rafe,

    You will note that I link to the book reviewed on the upper left hand corner of the blog. :-)